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3 essential items to pack for a winter break in Samoëns

Picturesque Samoëns in Le Grand Massif has long been a mecca for those who like to ski over the winter months. With stunning scenery, awesome snow and a choice of runs for all abilities, it is a great place to spend time in. If you have just booked your first trip out here though, you may not know which key items to pack. Of course, we will assume all the bare essentials like basic ski gear, tickets and passports are in there already! But what else should you pack for your skiing trip to Samoëns?

Sun cream

This is one thing that can often be forgotten by those new to French Alps skiing but is a real must. Although you will be there in winter, the sun will still be out many times when you are on the slopes. This sees the sun’s rays hit the snow and bounce back onto your face – with no sun cream on, you could actually burn! Remember to pack a good SPF sun cream to put on when needed in order to remain safe.

Sunglasses/ski goggles

Another couple of essentials to pack are both sunglasses and also ski goggles. Sunglasses will mainly come in handy for apres ski when bright sunlight could otherwise be harmful to your eyes as you relax. Proper ski goggles are better for heading out on the slopes with though. These will give you improved visibility when out in flatter light and also shield your eyes from the sun’s glare.


Many people will take a variety of electronic devices with them on holiday. These could be purely for relaxing with in the evenings such as a Nintendo Switch or a smartphone to keep in touch with people back home. If you do take this kind of thing with you, remember the chargers too and also any adaptors if needed!

Le Grand Massif in winter is beautiful

Samoëns is located in Le Grand Massif which is an awesome place to ski over winter. If you haven’t yet booked your trip here but are thinking of doing so, it is also key to choose the best place to stay. At Ferme du Ciel ski chalet, we offer true 5-star luxury and top-class food and will help you get to the slopes and back again each day.

Photo: Winter Playground by Mr Moss licensed under Creative commons 4

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