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3 great tips on beating the queues on a Samoens skiing holiday

French alps skiing is still a popular holiday choice for many and Samoens in Le Grand Massif is a real mecca for skiing fans. The beautiful scenery, welcoming atmosphere and gorgeous snow all help to make it a great place to take a break. One thing that all ski resorts like this attract, however, is crowds and queues. It is therefore worth getting a few tips beforehand if you want to spend less time queueing and more time having fun on the slopes. But what can you do to make this happen?

Get out early

This is not the easiest of tips to get involved with – especially if you have younger kids or love a lie-in! The simple fact, though, is that getting out early helps you beat the crowds. If you and your group can hack being early risers, this tip will see you arrive before most other skiers and make it up the slopes without long waits.

Think about using the single queue

While this is not advised for families with younger children for obvious reasons, making use of the single queue for slopes can work for everyone else. If you are travelling as a couple or with a group of adult friends, it is a great hack to make it up the slopes quicker. While you might not get on the same lift as your group, you will not mind when you get up to the top faster to begin skiing.

Think about lunching early

Another good queue beating hack is to think about having your lunch earlier than everyone else. This not only saves you queueing for a table in restaurants but also means you can head out again when the crowds are inside eating. You will be surprised at how quiet the lift queues get over lunch for going back up to the top.

Don’t forget ski passes!

One other great tip for beating the queues on your next skiing trip is having your slope passes ready to use when you arrive. This means that you do not waste lots of time lining up for them on your first morning. Of course, this is impossible to handle yourself which is where Ferme du Ciel ski chalet in Samoens comes in.

As part of the service when you book into our luxury chalet, we will have your ski passes ready to save time on your first morning out for no extra charge. Email for more details on our great rates and the luxurious features our chalet offers.

Photo: Free image by Pixabay

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