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3 Le Grand Massif locations to check out when in Samoens

Samoens is well-known to ski connoisseurs globally for its stunning views, awesome skiing and brilliant white snow. For this reason, more and more people are beginning to head to this part of the world for a holiday. It actually sits in a region called Le Grand Massif, which is in the Haute-Savoie department of France. This gorgeous part of the French Alps is home to some really charming locations to enjoy. While Samoens is prime among them, you may fancy getting out and about while there to see what else Le Grand Massif offers.

But what are the top 3 spots to visit when heading out of Samoens?


One of the best things about Le Grand Massif is that there are some fabulous places to visit which are close to Samoens itself. The links in this part of the Alps are very good and means you can ski to most with no problem. Flaine is the largest Grand Massif resort and comes armed with well-designed pistes to try for all experience levels. Although it is not quite as pretty as Samoens, the Flaine sign and view from the top of Les Grades Platieres more than makes up for this.

Les Carroz

One other nice trip out from Samoens is Les Carroz. This is another Le Grand Massif resort which is simple to get to and has a welcoming vibe. In addition, Les Carroz has wonderful Alpine architecture and a traditional feel. This village has a great view of the Tete des Saix peak which is worth grabbing a photo of. The view from the top of the Cretes drag lift is also something that will stay with you forever.

Sixt Fer-a-Cheval

This is a little further out but rewards the journey from Samoens with some stunning features. Although it does not offer access to as many pistes, the skiing here is still good. As the slopes are less crowded and good for beginners, they can be great to take little ones for the day. Recognised as one of the most beautiful villages in France, it is also home to the longest slope in the French Alps. The 14km ‘Piste des Cascades’ runs from Flaine down to Sixt Fer-a-Cheval below.

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