3 top tips for hiking in Samoëns

While Samoëns is perhaps best known for its winter sports, it has a huge amount to offer in the summer months too. One of the best ways to explore the area around your Grand Massif luxury chalet is on foot. If you’re interested in hiking while in Samoens and seeing more of the Haute-Savoie then read on…

1) Drive part of the way

While there are some fantastic routes you can do directly from the chalet door, don’t be embarrassed to arrange a drop off to further along the route. This often allows you to see more while moving at a more relaxed pace – this is meant to be a holiday after all! One example is when climbing La Bourgeoise. This 1710m peak makes for a challenging walk from the centre of Samoëns but you can be dropped off at Verchaix-en-Haut (15 minutes drive from the centre of town) and start your climb from the bank of the La Valentine river instead. All the views, with a little less exertion.

2) Take the whole family

One of the best things about visiting Samoëns is the scope to have a family-friendly luxury holiday. This is certainly true if your family loves hiking – there are plenty of options and you won’t need to leave anybody behind. One walk that’s particularly ideal for families takes you from Lacs aux Dames to Lac Bleu. You’ll wander along the banks of the Giffre along a wide forest path, perfect for younger legs.

3) Go for a night time walk

There’s nothing quite like the night sky in the mountains, the darkness punctuated by glittering stars and a bright, full moon. Walking after dusk can offer up a totally different experience to the one you get in the daytime. The best night walks start during the afternoon, allowing you to experience a beautiful sunset and the peace of darkness falling, before walking back down with your head torch lighting the way. We’d recommend taking a guide if you do want to do a night walk, both for safety and so you can draw on their incredible knowledge and experience of the area!

If you have any questions about hiking opportunities while staying in a Samoëns luxury chalet, then please do get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.

Photo: Free image by Pixabay

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