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4 Alpine dishes to try on your skiing holiday

There’s nothing like a day on the slopes to work up an appetite – and we at Ferme du Ciel know that well. That’s why our talented chef will prepare a delicious, warming menu to satisfy you while you stay in Samoëns. Here are some dishes you just can’t miss, if you really want a taste of the Alps.

1. A classic French breakfast

Ooh la la! A continental breakfast is just what you need. Going skiing without adequate fuel is a recipe for disaster – so forget the diet and don’t skimp on the selection of breakfast dishes that you’ll find available. If you can’t enjoy buttery, flaky croissants and mouthwatering French pastries when you’re in the Alps, when can you?

2. Tartiflette

This is definitely not one for calorie counters! No other dish says “ski holiday” like tartiflette, a hearty mixture of smoked bacon, sliced potatoes, onion and garlic, all topped by the piece de resistance: a whole reblochon cheese, which melts to create a wonderfully flavoursome sauce. No wonder this dish is so popular in the French Alps.

3. Soupe Aux Callioux

This is another Alpine classic, and it’s just the thing to warm you up when you get back after a ski session. A hearty vegetable soup, this dish is traditionally made with rocks inside the broth. That may sound terrifying, but they’re there to squash and puree the veg as it cooks – the old-fashioned Alpine version of a blender.

4. An after-dinner cheeseboard

Cheese is sacred in France, and when you sample some local types, you’ll soon see why. You’ve already tried brie, camembert and gruyere, but here you’ll find a wealth of Alpine cheeses that deserve to be recognised far and wide. Finish your meal the French way, by sampling a variety of delightful cheeses with freshly baked bread.

Of course, you’ll find a number of delicious dishes to try during your stay. Be sure to let us know in advance if you have any special dietary requirements. We’re happy to provide a full feast for vegetarians, and we can also offer child-friendly menus for young guests who may not be comfortable with strong cheeses and similar flavours.


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