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A beginner’s guide to skiing in the French Alps

The French Alps offer some of the most inspiring and beautiful locations for skiing in the world, with Le Grand Massif in Samoens at the heart of the action.

If you’re a first-time skier or have only hit the dry slopes before, then the imposing mountains found here may be daunting. Try not to worry, though, as our beginner’s guide to skiing in the French Alps will give you the knowledge required to enjoy the slopes safely and in style.

Which ski run should I choose as a beginner?

Generally speaking, most ski resorts will categorise their ski runs based on their difficulty level. As a beginner, you’re going to be looking for the blue runs which have easier slopes. Try your best to avoid any red or black ski runs as they are much more advanced.

If you feel that the blue runs are still a little too difficult for you, then look into green runs. These are suitable for children but are open for all skiers to use. This makes green runs an ideal place to grow your confidence on the slopes.

Do I need a ski pass?

For most of the ski runs, you will need to take a ski lift to get there. Normally, this can be quite time consuming, even if you have booked in advance. Beginners probably won’t be using ski lifts very often as the slopes will be less steep and high up, however, you may still need to use a ski lift.

Thankfully, at Le Grand Massif, we can streamline all of this by setting your ski pass up for you in the morning. Then, when you are ready to head out to the slopes, we will provide you with the ski pass, which means no queues and more time spent on the slopes.

Skiing in the French Alps is a truly magical experience and should be experienced by everyone at least once in their lifetime. If you are interested in skiing in the French Alps, come visit our luxury chalet at Le Grand Massif. Contact us today if you would like to book a reservation or find out more about our ski chalet in Samoens.

Photo: Free image by Pixabay

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