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    Take in these stunning waterfalls when hiking around Samoëns

    Samoëns, the Grand Massif and Haut-Giffre valley offer fabulous opportunities for walking and hiking. In this alpine landscape, there are many wondrous waterfalls cascading down the mountainsides to pause beside and take in the majesty when you’re not busy French […]

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    Why Samoëns is the perfect place for a romantic winter getaway

    Can there be anything more romantic than cosy nights at a luxury French chalet surrounded by miles of rolling, snow-covered mountain scenery? Samoëns, located in the heart of the French Alps, offers couples the chance to spend time together, making […]

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    Discover the fascinating history of Samoëns on foot

    Nestled in one of the most picturesque valleys in all of France, Samoëns offers so much more than world-class skiing and other winter sports. This year-round destination is famed for its rich local gastronomy as well as its heritage, allowing […]

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    Three reasons Samoëns is a superb year-round destination

    Are you considering taking a trip to Samoëns for your next holiday? Here are a few reasons why Samoëns is the ultimate holiday destination all year round. Samoëns is a real working town Samoëns is an authentic French village. It’s […]

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    4 top tips for first time skiers in the Samoëns

    Booking your first ski holiday is incredibly exciting, but it can feel overwhelming knowing what to pack and what to expect. If you have booked to stay in a Samoëns luxury chalet, check out our top four tips for first-time […]

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    Skiing and snowboarding in the Samoëns: Which is for you?

    The Samoëns is a beautiful spot to enjoy outdoor snow sports including skiing, snowboarding, and other winter activities. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned regular, skiing and snowboarding offer a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the thrill of the […]

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    Why Ferme du Ciel is the perfect wedding location

    Weddings can be stressful to plan, but having a luxurious wedding location can help take some of that stress away. To take your mind away from worrying about seating plans and invitations, why not dream about indulging in the beautiful […]

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    Snowbound experiences in Samöens

    Nestled in the mountains with awe-inspiring vistas of mighty Mont Blanc, Samöens bears the distinction of being one of France’s most beautiful towns, a “ville fleurie”. This isn’t the only accolade the town has received, however. It was also awarded […]

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    4 day trip destinations near Ferme du Ciel

    If you’ve booked a Grand Massif chalet at Ferme du Ciel, there is an abundance of activities you can enjoy. Whether you’re looking for thrills and excitement or some time to rest and rejuvenate, this relatively undiscovered location caters for […]

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    Exceptional adventures to take on a Samoëns spring holiday

    With jaw-dropping views of Mont Blanc, the beautiful mountain town of Samoëns is famed for its French Alps skiing, but there are a wealth of other activities awaiting guests in this select location. From bright blue skies to green meadows […]