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An expert’s guide to skiing in the French Alps

If you’re planning to have a ski trip in the French Alps, there’s definitely some preparation you need to do. Whether you want to go snowboarding or do some skiing, we’re confident that the great food, atmosphere, and all-around alpine charm will help make it a magical trip. If you’re a skiing expert, you’ll already know what type of equipment and passes you’ll need, so we’re here to tell you about the most appropriate routes and travel arrangements to help you get on the slopes.

What month should I ski in as an expert?

While you’ve probably experienced skiing in the winter months, there are likely to be certain times of the year you’d prefer to ski in more so than others. Trust us when we say that choosing the perfect time to take a skiing vacation could be the difference between a good holiday and an amazing holiday.

But, hey, we’re no fortune-tellers. So, while we can’t say with certainty what the weather will do, we can give you a few suggestions. We recommend taking a ski trip in the French Alps in mid-January or early March, especially if you’re looking for sky blue days, powder dumps, and cold pistes.

French Alp routes for experts

If you’re very comfortable on steeps, love skiing all day and untouched powder, then the Chamonix is an excellent choice. Not only is it home to Vallee Blanche (also known as the world’s longest ever ski run), but it has plenty of off-piste options. If you’re looking for routes that are used for World Cup alpine races, then La Face and La Sache are also great options. But, be warned, their prices will be on the higher side.


There are plenty of rental shops for you to upgrade your snowboards and skis in. This will help save you the hassle and time of dragging your own heavy gear.

No one can deny that skiing in the French Alps is an incredible experience. Take the first step by visiting our luxury chalet at Le Grand Massif. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team in Samoens to make a reservation.

Photo: Free image by Pixabay

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