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Arriving at Geneva airport for Samoëns? Plan ahead to avoid any Franco-Swiss confusion

One of the tick points for Samoëns as a ski resort is its short transfer time from Geneva airport. There are a couple of things to be aware of though, not least that the terminal straddles two countries.

Ferme du Ciel is just over an hour’s drive from Geneva airport. The route to your Samoëns luxury chalet is along main roads too, so it’s relatively quick and easy; certainly as far as alpine travelling goes.

Many people book a four-day skiing trip for the cost of two days annual leave by finishing work on a Thursday and catching one of the last flights from England into Geneva airport to then be on the piste the following morning.

To make the most of your available time by spending it on the slopes rather than circling the airport ring road, here are a few tips to make your transfer as hassle-free as possible.

Arriving at Geneva airport: know your nations

Terminal 1 at Geneva Airport has a French exit to enable travellers headed for Samoëns (or anywhere else in France for that matter) to avoid both Swiss territory and custom control. You do need to be aware though that all incoming flights from outside of France distribute luggage on the Swiss side, so don’t be tempted to disembark and immediately follow the signs for the French area.

Arriving at Geneva airport and hiring a car

It makes sense to hire a car from a French provider if you’re arriving at Geneva Airport to reach Samoëns. However, be aware that you will likely need to pay for a Swiss motorway vignette. The cost is around 40 CHF, which is a little over £30.

That may seem steep for a short section of road, but unless you’re supremely confident in your navigational skills, it’s probably worth it. Avoiding the Swiss motorway that runs right by the airport is convoluted and will add to your journey time. It’s best to check with the hiring company to make sure you have a Swiss road pass to be on the safe – and easy – side.

Onwards to Samoëns and Ferme du Ciel

Once you’ve exited the airport, pick up signs for Annemasse and the main A40 highway, which pretty much runs all the way to Samoëns. Depending on your arrival time, at Ferme du Ciel, we can have your evening meal ready and waiting for you with your ski passes for the following morning. As soon as you hit the hay for the night, and hit the slopes the next morning, that swift exit from the office the previous evening will soon seem like a distant memory.

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Photo: Free image by Pixabay

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