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Do you struggle to keep weight off, repeatedly sabotaging your own best efforts and gaining it back each time? This New Year, break down mental weight loss barriers and tone up in the snow with luxury chalet Ferme du Ciel’s exclusive Ski Boot Camp in Samoens.

Running at multiple times throughout the year this fun-focused programme includes daily snow sport activities designed to tone bums and thighs, along with healthy cooking workshops, yoga classes and weight loss coaching sessions throughout the week. Each participant receives a complimentary hour-long massage and will leave with a personalised weight loss plan they’ve developed themselves.

Make it your 2016 New Year’s resolution to get active in the snow, eat healthily and learn to believe in yourself so you can achieve your goal weight!

Winter Weight Loss in the Snow!

We all know the fundamentals of weight loss are simple – eat and exercise healthily. The reality is that gyms and diets are dull, so we’ve created a full schedule of snow sports designed to make exercise so fun you’ll forget it’s good for you! Skiing burns around 422 calories per hour, and Nordic (or cross-country) skiing even more at 511. Snowshoeing is a real workout and Fitness Magazine states that a 150lb person will burn 551 calories per hour. That means that surrounded by pristine Narnia-like forests, you’ll burn around 45 percent more calories than walking or running when done at the same pace and on the same type of terrain!

Ferme du Ciel’s Ski Boot Camp differs from other weight loss camps by offering an intensive combination of mental exploration and physical inspiration. Weight loss coaching delves into questions such as “have you made weight loss progress only to sabotage your efforts and end up back at square one?” The coaching sessions will help you discover what’s holding you back from achieving your ideal weight, set goals that work for you, and formulate a personalised weight loss plan to take home.

From spicing up steamed vegetables to perfect portion sizes, you’ll be inspired and educated by our professional chef’s healthy cooking workshops. With divine 4-course meals served up all week, you’ll also learn that healthy eating doesn’t necessarily mean dieting.

Sunday – arrival day, collect ski equipment, meet the team, welcome dinner

Monday – all day skiing, evening weight loss coaching session

Tuesday – morning yoga, afternoon skiing, evening jacuzzi and sauna

Wednesday – all day skiing, evening weight loss coaching session

Thursday – morning Nordic skiing, afternoon massage, evening dining out

Friday – all day snowshoeing, evening weight loss coaching session

Saturday – free day on the activity you want to repeat!

Sunday – departure day

Ferme du Ciel’s 7 night Ski Healthy Winter Weight Loss programme runs at selected times of the year at a cost of £1450pp twin share (£350 single supplement). This all-inclusive price covers everything except flights into Geneva.

For more information or to book your place, contact us at or phone for a chat on +33 (0)4 50 58 44 57