Exceptional adventures to take on a Samoëns spring holiday

With jaw-dropping views of Mont Blanc, the beautiful mountain town of Samoëns is famed for its French Alps skiing, but there are a wealth of other activities awaiting guests in this select location. From bright blue skies to green meadows bursting with new blooms, visitors to this cloistered corner of the world can breathe fresh mountain air while enjoying endless adventures when spring arrives.

A Samoëns luxury chalet at Ferme du Ciele makes an ideal base for your springtime excursions. Our impeccable service will ensure you enjoy a hearty breakfast before you begin each day and give you all the guidance you need to find unique pastimes on your vacation. The following are just some of the enviable opportunities you can enjoy.

Mountain trails

Whether on foot or on horseback, there are a number of ways for visitors to explore the Sixt Fer à Cheval natural reserve, only 10 minutes by car from your chalet. Once there you can feast your eyes on the astonishing Cirque de Cheval, where the mountains form a horseshoe shape that encloses a lush valley from Switzerland to Italy. Those looking for more speed can also test their endurance on mountain bikes or go quad biking around exciting mountain trails.

Paragliding & White Water Rafting

Holidaymakers seeking a unique perspective will find paragliding an ideal answer. Expert pilots will take you up into the blue for breathtaking vistas of the stunning Grand Massif in spring and even perform some aerobatic tricks before you land.

When spring causes the snow to thaw, the nearby rivers rise, making them perfect for white water rafting. Enjoy the twists and turns of this thrilling water ride and appreciate unmissable views in the more placid stretches until it’s time to return home.

Luxury chalets

After each day’s escapades and exploration, you can return to the sumptuous comfort of your own private chalet. An in-house massage can ease your tired muscles and traditional gourmet dishes served by world-class chefs will replenish your reserves, so you’re refreshed when you rise the next day ready for another adventure.

If you’re looking for a luxury catered chalet in Samoëns, get in touch with us today.

Photo: Free image by Pixabay

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