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Showing the kids there’s more to Samoëns than skiing

Taking children on a family-friendly luxury ski holiday can be an exhilarating, exciting time for all involved but if your younger ones are fairly new to the sport, it can be a little overwhelming and exhausting to spend every day on the piste. The beauty of Samoëns is that there is a lot more to the resort than just the slopes so it’s worth factoring in some of the fantastic activities that will give your kids memories to last a lifetime.

Igloo building

Treat your kids to an experience they can’t wait to share with their classmates when they get home! Spend half a day (or a full day if you have the time) learning how to build an igloo. Your guide can either come to the chalet and help you to build it there, or show you some of his favourite den building spots. After an excellent afternoon of team building, enjoy a hot chocolate in your new snowy home!


Get off the beaten track and explore parts of the resort you won’t get to see from the piste. A snowshoe walk can show you some spectacular views of the Mont Blanc range, introduce you to a Narnia-style winter wonderland and you’ll work up quite an appetite in preparation for your meal that night!

Helicopter flight

Take in the mountain ranges from a different perspective with a helicopter flight. Soar above the clouds and take in some of the glorious scenery, including glaciers, lakes and a range of wildlife. Flights last approximately 40 minutes.

Tobogganing and sledging

Pick up a sledge from one of the ski hire shops and head up to Samoens 1600 to spend an hour sledging. Alternatively, there is a small luge run for younger children, and a larger, slightly more challenging run for older kids and parents!

Do you wanna build a snowman?

Whenever a child is surrounded by snow, visions of incredible snowmen spring to mind – so why not spend the afternoon on building the snowman to beat all snowmen? Think height, character and props – and if you’re with another family, why not make it into a competition to see who can build the biggest snowman?

At Ferme du Ciel, our chalet is one hundred percent child and teen-friendly! Contact us today to find out more about how we can accommodate you and your family.

Photo: Free image by Pixabay

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