Stunning Samoëns is the perfect Alpine retreat for non-skiers

Samoëns is not just a ski resort. The beautiful commune, 710 metres above sea level in the Vallée du Giffre, is an ancient medieval town which just happens to offer a gateway to some of the best skiing in the Alps.

Samoëns is so much more than skiing. It is the perfect location for non-skiers to experience the best of the scenery, history, cuisine and culture of the Alps.

Samoëns – stop for a moment and breathe in

The first thing that visitors to Samoëns notice is the peace and tranquillity. Not to mention the pure, fresh air of the Alps.

The traffic-free centre is straight from a postcard featuring a traditional alpine scene. There are so many historical and stunning things to take in that you’ll wonder how people manage to fit in a ski run during their visit at all.

Samoëns – a stroll through the stonemason’s settlement

Samoëns was, and still is, the traditional home of the Frahans – stonecutters and masons – whose renown grew from the 17th Century onwards and who still form a brotherhood to this day.

The evidence of their work can be seen all around a stroll through the architecture of the town. And the symbol of the settlement, and indeed the stonemasons, is the 15th Century church in the main square.

Samoëns for the ski-free thrill seeker

There’s a whole variety of other amazing sports and activities to enjoy during a trip to Samoëns.

Climbing, rafting, dog-sled rides, ice-skating, bowling, torch-lit winter wonderland hikes, historic tours, horse-riding, shows, live music events, theatre and Fat biking (an electric bike with big wheels!).

And we haven’t even mentioned the breathtaking scenery and local cheese, wine and other assorted culinary treats of the area to sample. No trip to Samoëns would be complete without a visit to the 3.7 hectares Jaÿsinia botanical gardens either.

Samoëns and the Giffre valley truly is the year-round holiday destination of choice. And this is so much more than a destination for a break away from it all. This is a community of warm and friendly people only too keen to show off just what the area has to offer.

Photo: Free image by Pixabay

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