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Summer outdoor activities for all tastes in Samoëns

With astonishing views of Mont Blanc, the enchanting mountain town Samoëns is world-famous among fans of French Alps skiing in winter… but different seasons bring new opportunities. Summer sees the Alps set against bright blue skies with lush green meadows, allowing visitors to enjoy true tranquillity. For those who enjoy an adrenaline rush, this enticing location also has much to offer.

Mountain exploration

Whether on horseback or by foot, there are many ways for intrepid guests to explore the beautiful Sixt Fer à Cheval natural reserve. On arrival, visitors can gaze at the wonder of the Cirque de Cheval. Here, nearby mountains form into a horseshoe to enclose a verdant valley that stretches from Italy across to Switzerland.

Those seeking a faster pace can also put their personal endurance to the test with mountain and quad bikes, providing a thrilling ride around winding mountain trails.

By air or by water

By summer, the snow has thawed, causing the water level of the rivers to rise. This creates the ideal conditions for white water rafting. Thrill-seekers can race across the watercourse on an exciting ride, while placid stretches are perfect for those who just want to enjoy the scenic views.

Holiday goers looking for a fresh perspective will discover paragliding gives them a whole new view. Expertly trained pilots take guests up into the sky to enjoy stunning vistas of the Grand Massif in the summertime and can execute aerobatic tricks before coming safely back to earth.

Your new mountain home-from-home

Whether you’re looking for adventure or to rest and rejuvenate, a luxury chalet at Ferme du Ciele will provide you with the perfect home-from-home for your summertime activities. Our unbeatable service will set you up with a hearty breakfast, so you’ve got all the energy your need for your adventure and our staff are experts in the area and happy to help you discover new pastimes and passions.

After you return from your expeditions you can enjoy the enviable comfort of a private chalet. Enjoy a gourmet feast or an in-house massage and you’ll be more than ready for another day of summer adventures.

Photo: Free image by Pixabay

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