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The importance of outdoor dining during your summer holiday to the French Alps

The French Alps are all about the great outdoors. This is important to remember when choosing a chalet because – not only should it exude luxury – it should also give you constant access to the breathtaking local area. Take, for instance, the availability of outdoor dining in the summer. This is a service provided by only the best accommodations, but it’s certainly one that you won’t want to be without during your summer holiday to the French Alps. Let’s have a look at three great perks associated with outdoor dining.


Whether the sun is still shining or the stars are glittering, there’s no reason not to enjoy the weather just because you’ve gone back to your chalet for the evening. The fact that you’ll be able to decide between this route or eating indoors is just one of the many reasons why you’ll be looking forward to dinner time each evening – and that’s without even factoring in the exquisite freshly made meal you’ll be having!


There are many health benefits to outdoor dining. This includes that fresh air can boost a person’s mood and aid them with their concentration – something that you’ll much appreciate when taking in the awe-inspiring local sights. You should always factor in your health when choosing a place to stay in the French Alps, which is why your chalet should always include amazing leisure and health facilities such as a sauna and pool.


There’s just something so luxurious about sitting down for a meal with the most outstanding views in the distance. In fact, you really can’t put a price on this kind of ambiance! You might think that you’ll come back from your summer holiday telling tales about exploring the local area and going on multi-mile hikes, but it’s more than likely that some of your fondest memories will actually be from eating outdoors in the evenings.

What could be better?

Ferme du Ciel are proud to offer guests the opportunity to dine outdoors during their summer holidays. This option – along with the rest of our five-star services – is just waiting to greet you when you arrive. If you’re keen for more information on our fabulous Samoëns luxury chalet, be sure to get in touch.

Photo: Free image by Pixabay

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