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The ultimate romantic get-away

There is nothing as spectacular as watching a snow-covered mountain while snuggled up next to your loved one in the heart of Le Grand Massif. Romantic get-aways are some of the best ways to get adventurous with your partner while building memories to last a lifetime. Whether you are looking for a luxurious location to celebrate your anniversary or a classy holiday to reconnect with your loved one, Samoëns is the place to be. Gear yourself up for a magical holiday and take part in the following activities as you bond with your loved one.

Helicopter sightseeing

Romantic get-aways do not get any better than this. You can book your very own flight and explore the Alps at your leisure. The expansive Le Grand Massif allows you to explore historical sites such as the Arcachon basin and the castle of Versailles. Once atop the mountain, try your hand at heliskiing. This adrenaline-filled activity is one that will create cherished memories with your partner.

French alps skiing

Elevate your Grand Massif luxury chalet experience with French Alps skiing. An occasional tumble will not hurt, but rest assured that you will have an experienced trainer by your side to take you through this activity.

Explore the local area

If you need time to relax from your ski chalets in Samoëns, the Grand Massif region is one area that you can explore during your free time. The beautiful countryside is filled with museums and towns that boast of the Alpine culture and heritage. You can explore the markets and shops in Samoëns and treat yourself to souvenirs that will remind you and your loved one of a magical retreat.

Samoëns accommodation

Samoëns luxury chalet offers the perfect ambience for cosy nights. The accommodations offer cuisines that cater to individuals with various dietary needs and are keen to use locally sourced ingredients for authentic dishes. From decadent breakfast meals to afternoon snacks and dinners, your palate will certainly be satisfied.

Whether it is quiet time you are looking for or an adventure with your loved one, Ferme du Ciel is a luxury chalet that guarantees a romantic experience in Samoëns.

Photo: Samoëns 1600 by Giancarlo - Foto 4U licensed under Creative commons 4

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