Three exciting opportunities await you in Samoëns

Nestled in the French Alps, the picture-perfect town of Samoëns has become a sought-after destination for world travellers seeking a new adventure. With astonishing mountain vistas and a host of unique experiences both inside and out, it’s not tricky to see why this select location offers guests an unparalleled luxury holiday.

Hit the slopes for winter sports

Only one hour by car from Geneva Airport, the town of Samoëns provides winters sports fans with a first-class chance to learn how to snowboard and ski. Breathing in fresh mountain air, you can take expert lessons from passionate instructors at some of the finest skiing schools in the world. Whether you choose to hone your skills at snowboarding or master French Alps skiing, in these stunning surrounds you’ll make unforgettable memories as you progress, before taking a crack at Les Cascades, the longest blue ski run in Europe.

Delve into alpine treasures

Samoëns is not only a haven for those who love to ski, but one of the oldest towns still standing in France. Visitors looking for an authentic alpine experience will find plenty of culture to appreciate. From charming shops filled with hand-crafted gifts to traditional restaurants and pubs where guests will enjoy a warm welcome, there are new adventures waiting around every corner. For lovers of architecture, there are also nine different chapels in the area ready to be explored. Carrying the coveted “ville fleurie” distinction, Samoëns has been distinguished as being among France’s most beautiful towns.

Abundant cuisine and opulent accommodation

After exploring and skiing outdoors, the luxury comfort of your own personal ski chalet will be waiting. You can rest and rejuvenate while being tempted with some mouth-watering homemade treats envisioned and prepared by expert chefs. Try the Tartiflette filled with sliced potatoes, smoked bacon, and loaded with reblochon cheese for a truly alpine taste.

From within the fully renovated Savoyard barn that has stood for 350 years, at the Ferme du Ciele you can enjoy unbeatable views of the French Alps and the mighty Mont Blanc and rest up, ready for another new day filled with unique experiences waiting to be discovered.

Photo: Free image by Pixabay

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