Unrivalled dining in Samöens

One of the wonders of travelling is experiencing thrills unique to your destination. High in the mountains, Samöens offers a host of unbeatable outdoor activities from French Alps skiing and snowboarding to dog sledging and ice climbing. All these exciting endeavours can work up an appetite but fortunately, there are also culinary adventures you can embark on too.

In the charming streets of Samöens, you’ll find a host of cafés and restaurants, where talented chefs from across Europe produce decadent dishes and sweet snacks to keep visitors thrilled. Join us as we explore some of the dining delights waiting to tempt your taste buds when you book a Grand Massif luxury chalet in Samöens.

From savoury to sweet

The people of Samöens are proud of their natural produce and the dishes they design with them. Home to a thriving weekly market, guests can discover a diverse variety of local fare from cheeses like Reblochon and Raclette to the renowned Savoyard sausage. A regional classic that’s not to be missed is Tartiflette. Layered with bacon and potato and steeped in a cheese and cream sauce, this dish provides a perfect restorative after a long day on the slopes.

Those with a sweet tooth will also find themselves well-served by cafés offering cream-filled pastries like Croix de Savoie and the lighter-than-air sponge cake Gateau de Savoie.

Explore Samöens or stay in where it’s warm

When you choose to stay at Ferme du Ciel, you can enjoy three-course meals with us or dine out in the exceptional restaurants around Samöens. However, you can also opt to self-cater and create some culinary masterpieces of your own. Through Bon Appetit Alps, we offer a premium home meal delivery service with a comprehensive menu that features both local and international dishes.

Finally, when you’re preparing for a day of snow fun, no meal is more important than breakfast. With this in mind, you’ll find hot and cold dishes alike to pick from. Whether you prefer fresh fruit, cereal and yoghurt or hot porridge, baked bread, croissants, and cakes, you can enjoy a hearty bite before you set off.

Book your stay at Ferme du Ciel today to explore all of the culinary delights on offer!

Photo: Free image by Pixabay

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