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What makes Samoëns an ideal wedding destination?

If you want to make your wedding day truly unforgettable, why not head off to Samoëns? Offering the perfect blend of luxury, privacy and raw natural beauty, this enchanting mountain town makes an unrivalled place to walk together down the aisle. Read on as we take a look at why a Samoëns wedding could be the right option for you.

Idyllic ceremonies

From small chapels and mountain town churches to fields peppered with tiny meadow flowers, you’ll find the locations for wedding ceremonies in Samoëns uniquely beautiful. Whether you want your big day to be grand or intimate, there are wedding venues to suit all tastes.

Unbeatable wedding photography

Wedding photos are a keepsake for couples that they can cherish forever or share with their friends and loved ones. Imagine an album filled with pictures of the bride and groom shot against the backdrop of bright blue skies, soft green summer meadows, rushing rivers and majestic mountain ranges.

The urban elements of Samoëns are just as picturesque, with ancient barns, charming towns and stunning monasteries making excellent scenery to pose in.

Honeymoon in the Alps

While most people hop on a plane for their honeymoon, after your service, you can start your holiday straight away. Samoëns accommodation offers a host of luxury options. Fully catered private chalets make the perfect love nest for newlyweds.

Providing a secluded mountain hideaway for two, ski chalets in the Mont Blanc region allow couples to begin their marriage in the most intimate of settings. When you want to stretch your legs beyond your chalet, you’ll find plenty to do.

Tour the nearby towns and share a romantic dinner for two or get active and try some new pursuits together. While it may be famed for French Alps skiing, Samoëns also has many other adventures you can experience together, from dog sledging and snowboarding to skating and paragliding.

A dedicated wedding service in the Alps

At Ferme Du Ciel, we are honoured to host weddings for our guests upon request. Our impeccable service offers couples a wealth of options, including personal wedding organisers, English speaking chaplains, full catering, and the use of a luxury boutique, to name but a few. Get in touch today to book your special day in Samoëns.

Photo: Free image by Pixabay

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