Why cycling in Samoëns is so special

France is famed for its cycling. The Tour de France is the world’s most famous two-wheeled event and it passes by Samoëns regularly.

But it’s not just elite cyclists who take in the area’s beauty and stunning cycling routes. Samoëns is the perfect base to explore the Grand Massif and its mountain roads, valleys, forests, rivers and lakes by bicycle.

Road biking

The accessibility and diversity of routes which begin from Samoëns make the area a favourite for the “roadie” biking enthusiast.

It’s not just the Tour which takes in Samoëns. The famed JPP race is ranked among the 50 most beautiful sporting events in the world by cycling magazine ‘Le Cycle’. The annual event whizzes right past Samoëns and caters all levels of ability with four circuits ranging from 65 to 140 km. The 2021 JPP takes place in July and creates quite the buzz in the area.

Ride the mountain passes and mountain bike in Samoëns

The mountain biking scene in the Grand Massif is massive. Six lifts remain open during the summer season to provide quick and easy access to an ever-expanding network of downhill and Enduro trails.

Samoëns recently hosted a round of the Enduro World Series. There are a huge variety of cross-county loops on offer here ranging from the gentle to the technical.

For the adventurous climber, the cols (mountain passes) of the area pose some incredibly challenging cycling. The world-famous, brutal Col de Joux-Plane has provided a savage test for Tour de France riders in the 12 times it has featured in the race. The Col de Romme and Col de Colombière, both part of stage 17 in the 2009 Tour de France, can be also be found less than 20km away.

Check it for yourself on Netflix

Bring your Netflix login to Ferme du Ciel and take in the Samoëns cycle selection for yourself on adventure documentary Magnetic.

In the show, a team of adrenaline junkies travel the globe to find the most extreme pursuits they can throw themselves into. Magnetic was released in 2018 and reached the top 3 most-watched shows when Netflix promoted its outdoor pursuits season recently.

In the 115-minute thrill-fest, two limit-pushing cyclists head for Samoëns. Here they perform tricks and flips on the ancient rooftops of the town before heading for the mountains to fly through forests, leap from rocks and wheelie past breathtaking waterfalls in the local area.

You can take in a snippet of the serene cycling scenery of Samoëns featured on YouTube.

Photo: Free image by Pixabay

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