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Why Samoëns is one of France’s hidden gems

France is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with an abundance of natural landscapes and wonderfully quaint cultures living in harmony. There’s so much variety available in the towns and cities to go to, that it can be hard to pick a place for your next holiday destination.

So how do you choose? If you’re looking for a family-friendly luxury holiday in France that combines bountiful views with plenty to do, then Samoëns is just the place. Here are just a few reasons why Samoëns is one of France’s hidden gems, and why you should visit it.

An authentic French community

As a small village, anyone that visits Samoëns is blessed by just how close-knit and authentic the community feels. Samoëns has centuries of history behind it, predominantly as a working village. It is only quite recently that Samoëns has become a big attraction for tourists visiting the Grand Massif ski area, as prior to recent years you had to get a bus or drive to the nearby gondola to access the ski slopes from the village. This means it’s been allowed to blossom in secrecy, with only the 2,300 locals really knowing about this treasure of a town.

As sturdy as stone

One of the most appealing parts of Samoëns is its historic stone buildings and nature, especially the Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption Church and Le Gros Tilleul. Le Gros Tilleul is a towering lime tree planted in 1438, and still grows proudly today in the town’s centre. If you’re looking for a break from skiing, be sure to take a tour around the town to admire the work of some seriously skilled stonemasons! Despite its increasing popularity for skiers, Samoëns is still as unspoiled as a French landscape can be, so it’s the perfect holiday destination for those seeking both thrills and beauty.

A bustling market

One of the biggest charms of Samoëns is its weekly market. Every Wednesday, the town comes alive as sellers flock to the market to offer their goods to locals and visitors alike. Not only this, but the traffic-free main street boasts a rich variety of gourmet shops, from hams and sausages to cheese and pâtisserie. If you’re after Alpine treasures then you’re in luck too, because many shops also sell vintage bric-a-brac like old skis, lamps, and rugs.

Overall, if you’re looking for ski chalets in Samoëns because you want to experience the truly unique lifestyle, look no further than Ferme du Ciel. Our luxury accommodation combines modern opulence with the laid-back views of the surrounding mountains, giving you nothing but the best of both worlds.

Photo: Free image by Pixabay

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