Why Samoens is such a great choice for your next ski holiday

If you are looking for a beautiful ski resort, with oodles of charm and access to some of the best ski fields in the Alps, Samoens is the place for you. It is set in the Grand Massif ski area, the 4th largest in the French Alps, and home to an impressive 139 slopes with a range of runs suitable for all levels.

What makes Samoens different though is its absolute charm. Samoens is more than pretty buildings (although the mediaeval architecture is stunning) it is a village rich in culture and tradition that is known for its friendly atmosphere.

Explore the historical and cultural village

Famous for stone masonry, Samoens has a tangible cultural heritage. The village is built around a lime tree, dating back to 1438 and this sense of history means Samoens has escaped the more commercial aspects of other ski resorts. Pretty chapels and botanical gardens, as well as the beauty of the mountains, means Samoens has long been a draw for poets, artists, and musicians. Samoens is a great choice for people who like a cultural note to their ski holiday.

Adrenaline rush

As well as stimulating your mind and soul, Samoens has a range of activities to get your blood pumping and your endorphins rushing. The slopes of the Grand Massif are the big draw of course, but if you fancy something different, Samoens offers all these activities.

• Snowboarding
• Snowshoeing
• Heliskiing
• Cross-country skiing
• Dog sledding

Where to stay in Samoens

There is lots of choice of Samoens accommodation, including bed and breakfasts and hotels. Many visitors enjoy the freedom of their own chalet or apartment so they can truly relax and soak up the atmosphere of this unique village.

If you like the idea of having your own space in the Alps then a catered chalet is a wonderful solution. You will have all the freedom of home, and the sheer luxury of having delicious meals prepared for you that really showcase the outstanding quality of alpine produce.

Whatever type of holiday you need, a luxury chalet in Samoens is an excellent choice all year round.

Photo: Free image by Pixabay

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