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Why teach your children how to ski?

Skiing has a reputation for being a classic family holiday – in particular, for families who appreciate a degree of luxury in their lives. Private chalets, stunning views and off-piste adventures combine to form a unique experience that typically evolves into an annual event. When young children enter the picture, some avid skiers might be concerned that their winters in the Alps must take an indefinite hiatus, in favour of more “kid-friendly” holidays.

The truth, however, is precisely the opposite. Children have the ability to ski from the moment they walk. Teaching them to harness this ability might be the best gift that you, as a parent, can give to them. Let’s have a look at why:

1. Skiing has obvious health benefits

Skiing is an excellent method of exercise – on average, a person burns upwards of 350 calories per hour of downhill skiing. It engages the core muscles, which improves posture, and it can even provide an impressive mood boost due to the endorphins that it produces. Fresh air is also a benefit of any Alpine skiing session.

2. Skiing is a sport that lasts a lifetime.

As long as your child maintains a degree of physical fitness, they will be able to ski. Learning to ski at a young age will allow them to develop a hobby that they can pursue for the rest of their lives. Other sports do not necessarily have this longevity.

3. Skiing can be either a social or independent activity

Rather than constantly looking for a tennis partner, your child can ski at a moment’s notice, without needing to organise anyone else’s schedule. Conversely, a French Alps skiing holiday can be enjoyed by a group of friends. Groups can book out a luxury catered chalet and enjoy a week of skiing, dining and hiking together.

4. A family-friendly luxury holiday is a spectacular bonding opportunity for you and your children

If the entire family is able to participate in the holiday’s primary activity (skiing), then everyone can share in the same everlasting vacation memories.

Overall, skiing is the perfect balance of family and fun and can have long term benefits for your child’s physical and mental health. Why not consider booking a holiday in the stunning alpine resort of Samoëns for your next family skiing adventure?

Photo: Free image by Pixabay

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